Terrier Claims Services’ (TCS) Trial Preparation Division is designed to assist and provide you and your staff with exactly what you need, whenever you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Investigations are individually tailored to meet the demands of each case, and our Trial Preparation Division is now able to handle all types of Investigations, from case inception through Trial.

Trial Preparation and Litigation Support 

Trial Availability: 

We understand that the only way you’re truly able to focus on handling your case through Trial is when you are confident that any and all Witness, Insured, Expert and IME Doctor Trial Availability has been handled and communicated to you in a timely manner.   We also make sure all Expert and IME Testimony Fee Invoices due prior to Trial are forwarded to the handling Adjuster for processing and the delivery subsequently coordinated with the Experts and IME Doctors.

Advanced Background Searches: 

Our Advanced Background Searches services include: 

* Social Media and Internet Searches

* Personal and Business Asset Searches

* National Sex Offender Registry Searches

* Pharmacy, Medical Treatment and Hospital Sweeps

* ISO Claim Search Casualty System Subpoena Service

* National Judgment, Lien, and Bankruptcy Record Searches

* Multi-State DMV Searches and Certified Record Retrieval

* National and International Address and Property Records

* County, Multi-State and Federal Criminal Record Searches

* Multi-State Civil, Supreme and Federal Litigation Searches

Subpoena Preparation and Service of Process: 

TCS employs a number of Full-Time Licensed Process Servers, and we have also established an extensive network of Licensed Process Servers throughout the United States as well.

Experience the TCS Advantage: 

Terrier Claims Service was established to create a new model of effectiveness, efficiency and excellence in an industry where adequate performance is not enough. We separate ourselves from other firms by combining cutting-edge computer tracking and processing technology with an aggressive instinct to produce the ultimate end product–results.

Terrier Claims is excited at the prospect of demonstrating our abilities and exceeding your highest expectations! 

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