Comprehensive Witness Report

Terrier Claims Services announces an exciting new Comprehensive Witness Report designed to provide detailed information on the expert witnesses involved in your next trial.

The Comprehensive Witness Report is a complete professional history of an expert witness used to vet the plaintiff’s expert witnesses AND defense expert witnesses prior to deposition or testimony at trial.

Areas covered in the Comprehensive Witness Report include, but are not limited to:

  • Publications
  • Speaking engagements
  • Business ownership
  • Professional licenses
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Personal litigation history
  • Jury verdict history
  • Testimonial history

Jury verdict history includes award figures and case descriptions.  Testimonial history includes detailed descriptions of testimonial challenges with outcomes (e.g. testimony allowed, barred, or another result) and explanations.

Terrier Claims Services offers the Comprehensive Witness Report nationwide and follow-up record retrieval is available for any deposition transcripts and expert witness reports deemed relevant to your matter and worth further review.

Please contact Jason Gudaitis for additional information and a sample report.

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