TCS – What our Customers say…

  • Bob, Thank you very much.  Excellent job!  I truly appreciate the great work.

    Sr. Trial Attorney / March, 2024
  • I wanted to thank you for your guidance and help through this process. Despite the circumstances and challenges with the other side, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and really helped get us to a position to hopefully this get resolved in a satisfactory manner. Much appreciated.  

    CFO / January, 2024
  • I appreciate all that you do to take care of our customers. Keep up the awesome work, as usual!

    Sr. Adjuster-Property / January 2024
  • Mr. Brittman and Terrier are excellent to work with. I can’t recall how many times they have obtained positive surveillance for us. They are effective, discreet, and cognizant of deadlines. Highly recommended.  

    General Counsel / January 2024
  • Thanks to the investigators at Gallagher/Terrier who located and obtained the prior lawsuit and medical records. That evidence was devastating.

    Attorney / December 2023
  • This is a commendation letter for Justin Crumpton.  No doubt it's one of many and certainly should be! A fire took out two of our apartments.  Insofar as I never had a claim, and many persons advising as to how impossible it was to deal with insurance companies, I had the lucky experience to have Justin as part of the Insurance Company's team and had the pleasure of interacting with Justin.  He was always available and quick to return my calls, kept me in the loop and allayed my concerns with practical and sensible advise during this rather long haul.

    Board Member, Housing Development / December 2023
  • This is perfect! Great work!!

    Claims Adjuster - Insurance Company / November 2023
  • Reviewing claims you handled, I've always wanted to reach out - I always sincerely appreciate your quality inspection and reports, along with the detailed, on-point explanation on our questionnaires. Had it not been your diligence, expertise, and commitment, investigating further with SIU experts to clarify the grey areas would not have been possible.  I wanted to deliver my appreciation for your expertise.  

    Claims Representative - Insurance Company / November 2023
  • Wes, your reporting and summary is excellent. I am sending this up for approval. Thank you. I enjoyed reading this one, usually I'm like 1st party water whatever but you did such a good job here that it just made my morning.    

    Senior Claims Specialist / October 2023
  • Perfect.

    Please express my gratitude to Ethan - he did an outstanding job when he was here and was genuinely respectful and kind in his approach to everything.

    President & CEO / September 2023
  • Just wanted to provide recognition to Thomas on this one. This isn’t my file so I would have not have the best inclination of what is happening. This wasn’t the case though following review of his report. Thomas did an awesome job detailing his investigation and providing the two estimates for our records. As always, your team continues to excel.

    Senior Property Claims Adjuster / Insurance Company - May 2023
  • Just a short note to say Justin Crumpton did an excellent job on this file. I must say between Justin Crumpton, Ray Mullins, Ron Jimdar, Joe Reilly, Wesley Nielsen, and Ryan Saturley … I can't figure out which one is the better adjuster. All top shelf and a better more professional bunch I have not seen in my 35 years in the business.

    Sr. Property Claims Specialist - Insurance Company / October 2022
  • Thank you for the good work you did on the surveillance in this case, the video is fantastic.

    Attorney - Law Firm / September 2022
  • Thank you very much for all your great work on the surveillance and investigation in this matter, you guys got some especially great footage on this one. Thank you!

    Attorney - Law Firm / July 2022
  • Thanks again for the great work that Marlon did when we went to the scene to get the photos.

    Attorney - Law Firm / July 2022
  • Good Morning: Thank you very much. Once again you save the day. You are my superheroes. TEAM TERRIER!

    Staff Analyst - Attorney - June 2022
  • Perfect, I love my team of Terrier! I feel like we are all one team even though we don’t work at the same company.

    National Adjuster - Insurance Carrier / June 2022
  • First of all, excellent job with this extensive preliminary investigation, including taking the evidence out of service to preserve it for future discovery and inspection. Thank you for that, but it is not surprising with Terrier’s quality of work. It is always a pleasure working with you guys.

    Partner - Law Firm / April 2022
  • You're a Rockstar!

    Insured / April 2022
  • Rich did a good job with this. I appreciate the quick turnaround.

    Partner - Law Firm / April 2022
  • Hi Ray: Thank you! You did a thorough job and I really appreciate all the work you put into this.

    Claims Representative / March 2022
  • Always very impressed with Rich.

    Attorney / Law firm - January 2022
  • Thanks Richard. Great Job as usual. This is why we continue to retain Terrier for these assignments.

    Partner / law firm - January 2022
  • Impressive work. Thanks for doing what no other process server could.

    Attorney / Law firm - December 2021
  • Jason the case settled yesterday, the surveillance was the key. Thanks again for the great work.

    Partner / law firm - November 2021
  • Hi Chris, I freaking love you guys!!!! Thank you,

    Claims Adjuster Property / September 2021
  • For more than 20 years, Turner Construction Company has partnered with Terrier Claims Services to employ a Labor Law program in the New York Metro area. This program has become a model for how New York claims are managed and ensures Turner’s clients have the best protection available. With Terrier’s rapid response to Turner’s standards, we can promptly react to all incidents. Additionally, Terrier’s detailed investigations ensure Turner can quickly provide active caring directly to injured workers and any others who have been impacted. Turner’s partnership with Terrier Claims Services supports innovation and rapid response to issues and brings the best practices to clients and partners.

    Kevin King / Vice President and General Manager – Risk Management Turner Construction Company / August 2021
  • Thank you both! I always appreciate the handling and professionalism by your office.

    Adjuster - Insurance Company / July 2021
  • Great work on this case Sir! This claim is being worked by SIU and the final results will definitely assist the investigation as well as the claim file. Please let your team know that the great work is appreciated. Thank You

    Senior Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator / August 2021
  • Thank you so much. I can not thank you both enough for your quick response to this very short notice request. Terrier has always been a great asset to me in my claim handling and you continue to prove this by always being there when we need your assistance. I appreciate you both, it’s a pleasure working with Terrier.

    Claims Specialist / Insurance Company / May 2021
  • We are experts for property loss claims. However, we work with the best field adjusters in NYC on a regular basis. For this loss, I am recommending Chris Venning of Terrier Claims.

    Executive Architect / Consulting and Engineering Company / March 2021
  • Knew there was a reason why I’ve liked Terrier all these years…. Thank you so much!

    Claims Specialist / Broker Claims Specialist / Broker - February 2021
  • Whoot whoot. Thank you Tom. You are the best.

    Sr. Claim Examiner - Casualty Claims / Feb 2021
  • Good afternoon Chris, I just wanted to reach out and show my appreciation for Lance. Insured is overseas for this file and Lance has been extremely professional and efficient in working with the insured. Insured seems to be quite grateful to be working with Lance throughout the process.

    Adjuster - Insurance Company / January 2021
  • Thank you for the quick response and the agreed price with the PA. Another great job!

    Claims Representative / Insurance Company / October 2020
  • Thank you! I appreciate the prompt response and as always your great services!

    Paralegal - Law Firm / August 2020
  • Hi Mike, Great work on this case Sir! I was able to open an SIU case based off your findings. Please pass along our appreciation to your team.

    Senior Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator - August 2020
  • Hi Chris:  I hope you’re well.  Just a quick note to recognize Ron for his excellent work on this case on this file. He handled a very difficult owner and his attorney and was able to resolve the claim for a reasonable #, and in a very timely manner.  There were a lot of moving parts (expert retention/COVID, et al.) but Ron kept at it, settled the claim, and drafted the release.  Cannot give him enough praise!! Thank you very much.

    Large Loss - Complex Claims - Insurance Company / July 2020
  • You rocked this claim!! 😊

    Claims Specialist / Insurance Company
  • Hope you had a great 4th.  Great work on this case!  SIU is currently working this case and the results will definitely assist the investigation as well as the claim file. Please pass along our appreciation to your team. Thanks for the great work.

    Senior Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator - July 2020
  • You guys are the best, thank you!  I’ve spoken to your adjuster; always enjoy working with him – appreciate the quick follow up, have a great afternoon.

    Senior Claims Examiner / June 2020
  • I reviewed the video and it is excellent. I want to compliment your investigator for obtaining this footage discreetly

    ESQ. / June 2020
  • Hope all has been well Sir. Great job on this case!  Your final results assisted SIU with opening a case. Please pass along our appreciation to your field personnel.

    Sr. Special Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator / June 2020
  • Great work!  You certainly need to be an expert on eye and clothing recognition in these crazy times, well done.

    ESQ. / June 2020
  • Claims Representative: Compliments to your adjuster from our insured  (and me!)   Your adjuster is always a pleasure to work with.  He keeps us updated and is a skilled adjuster. Insured:  FYI --- Your adjuster was very helpful and professional.  You both made the process as painless as possible under these stressful circumstances.

    Claims Representative / Insured / June 2020
  • I requested an independent appraiser be assigned to my claim on Friday, June 5th with a rush request for inspection no later than Tuesday, June 9th. On Friday, your adjuster was assigned. Due to concerns with the claimant, I was needing an inspection even sooner than Tuesday if possible. Your adjuster more than came through! He went out the very same day and inspected the properties. To top it off, he provided the report to me today! Your adjuster has been fantastic on this claim! Not only has he been fastidious in his inspection and provision of the report, he has been extremely helpful with any questions I have. Your adjuster has been exceptional in his handling. >He is definitely an asset to Terrier claims and I look forward to continuing to work with him!

    Sr. Casualty Claims Examiner / June 2020
  • Thanks for the great work on this surveillance. The final results obtained assisted SIU with opening a case. Please pass along our appreciation to your team.

    Sr. Special Investigator - Surveillance Coordinator / June 2020
  • Hope all is going well up in NYC and things are getting back to normal. Great job on this case. The final results assisted SIU with opening a case. Thanks for the great work!

    Senior Investigator - SIU Surveillance Coordinator - Insurance Company / May 2020
  • Great work on this case Sir, your final results assisted SIU with opening a case on the Claimant. Thanks for the great work.

    Senior Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator - March 2020
  • Thanks, I definitely saw all of the extra work that you guys put in locating him and it’s all greatly appreciated Sir. I look forward to watching the actual video.

    Senior Investigator / Surveillance Coordinator - February 2020
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the great work on this file, it resolved pretty favorably due to the amount of SURV we were able to show the judge.

    Senior Claims Specialist / February 2020
  • I just wanted to say that this is my first referral to Terrier.  This report and supporting documents (even the layout of the email) are beautiful.

    Claims Experience Advocate / January 2020
  • Great job on this assignment Sir. Your final results assisted SIU with opening a case.   Additional surveillance has also been assigned to build a pattern of him working.   Good luck the next go around and thanks for the great work.

    Senior Investigator - SIU Surveillance Coordinator - Insurance Company / December 2019
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and the rest of the Terrier staff – you continue to exceed our expectations and we are truly appreciative of the relationship we have with Terrier.

    Claims Supervisor - Assistant Manager / Insurance Company October 2019
  • Your adjuster was outstanding.  He is incredibly knowledgeable and capable and a terrific representative of your company.

    Broker and Insured / July 2019 Broker and Insured / July 2019
  • Aaaaand your adjuster works his magic again! You’re the best! This was perfect. Thanks.

    Claims Supervisor / July 2019 Claims Supervisor / July 2019
  • Gentlemen, Pursuant to the e-mail string below, and on the heels of stellar work on the previous case, can we get three days of Surveillance going on this case?

    Attorney / Partner - May 2019
  • Thank You……Your adjuster is great!   He is assigned to several of my files.  Timely, responsive, knowledgeable!   I enjoy working with him….. Thank You

    Property Claims Specialist - May 2019
  • Thank you very much. Great work!

    Senior Claim Examiner, Casualty Claims - April 2019
  • Thank you for your time and follow up. In addition, I just wanted to make you aware that your adjuster was very nice, professional and very pleasant to work with.

    Insured - March 2019
  • I have had great experience with your company in New York City in the past. You did not disappoint. Terrier Claims is the best IA I have ever used on property assignments. Thanks again.

    Senior Claims Specialist - March 2019
  • Hello, I wanted to send a note about the representative who is handling our claim. We were extremely impressed with his professionalism and courtesy. He made us feel very confident that Terrier will do everything they can in our best interest. It was really a pleasure to meet someone so considerate. Thank you

    Insured - February 2019
  • I sincerely appreciate your efforts with my claim.  Your Property Adjuster was here earlier this afternoon & was thorough & professional. My thanks for your help.

    Insured - February 2019
  • You did an awesome job on this investigation. You’ve made my job a lot easier by getting this video and all the great facebook material you captured. Thanks.

    Associate - Law Firm - January 2019
  • This email is long overdue, I should have sent it long ago.  I cannot tell you how much I and the entire team appreciates the work of your investigator.  He is a credit to Terrier Investigations.  When we need him he is there, and he is always ready to help us.  Your investigator is always there to guide us.  I do not know how he gets to the sites as quickly as he does but he does.  He is close to the workers, the CMs, Onsite, and our team.  We all trust his work and advice.  I could go on and on, and I will if you want to discuss it further, but he really is such a valuable asset to our program.  I wish I could clone him and have him at our other site also!   I admire Terrier and all you do, but would be amiss if I did not point out the important role this investigator has played to date.

    Principal - January 2019
  • Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to reach out to you to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your investigator's handling of this assignment.  As you can see from the attached letter, just about anything that could go wrong did go wrong, but your investigator was unflappable. Your investigator  repeatedly downplayed his efforts as “just part of the job.” However, in my 25 years of practice, I have not known an investigator who was as tireless in his efforts to track down the information we needed. Thanks to the investigator and all of Terrier for helping with this last-minute and difficult assignment!

    Attorney - January 2019
  • You guys are my favorite! Thank you for the heads up!

    Claims Representative
  • I want to thank-you for all your hard work on this claim. The Judge found fraud at the hearing.

    Claims Examiner-WC
  • Please be advised that this matter settled last night. Thank you for all your hard work. It is so greatly appreciated. We really could not have settled this case at such a reasonable number without your work in the field.

  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You are TOP NOTCH! You have gone above and beyond and that has not gone unnoticed.

    Claims Analyst III
  • Tom has been caring and extremely responsive; keeping us informed about the status of our claim and returning my calls and emails very promptly. He is very patient, thoughtful and bright. It has taken  me a while to understand the flow of the project, and Tom took the time to explain everything so that I would understand. Tom is a great problem solver. I was overwhelmed when the flood occurred. He swiftly guided me to make immediate decisions and delay others. He elicits great trust and security which is imperative at a time of property damage. In summary, Tom is a joy

  • You guys provide a great service to our clients (I think the list is much longer) and we are happy to promote your company because you do a great job. Look forward to crossing paths again in the near future…

  • Thanks, I appreciate it.  This is exactly what I needed.

    Sr. Claims Specialist II
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