Terrier Claims Services has a team of highly trained, experienced, and responsive Construction claim personnel. Our sole aim is the complete defense of your claim. Years of statements, evidence collection, and document retrieval has given us an unparalleled knowledge of the risk environment. TCS investigators average fifteen years’ experience and their managers twenty five years in Construction claims. From emergency response to forensic investigations, we are focused on mitigating your liability. The TCS construction claim report is comprehensive in scope. While we explore any areas of subrogation / risk transfer, our work can be completely tailored to your needs and limited at your discretion.

Our diverse, multilingual staff is comfortable in all settings. Our work has taken us from 100+ story buildings to water tunnels 600 feet below ground. TCS is fully versed in commercial, private sector, residential, and municipal construction with all that each entails. Since the handling of construction claims often leads to other areas of investigative work, i.e. surveillance, social media tracking, trial prep, we coordinate this activity internally; all it takes is a call from you.

All data is maintained electronically for possible future use in surveillance, claim roundtable, or trial prep. Seventeen of the top twenty builders in the US count TCS as a partner as well as most major domestic carriers and most of the top NYC metro area defense firms.  If you are dealing with construction claims, you need TCS.

TCS – What our Customers say…

  • Thank you for the good work you did on the surveillance in this case, the video is fantastic.

    Attorney - Law Firm / September 2022
  • Thanks again for the great work that Marlon did when we went to the scene to get the photos.

    Attorney - Law Firm / July 2022
  • First of all, excellent job with this extensive preliminary investigation, including taking the evidence out of service to preserve it for future discovery and inspection. Thank you for that, but it is not surprising with Terrier’s quality of work. It is always a pleasure working with you guys.

    Partner - Law Firm / April 2022
  • For more than 20 years, Turner Construction Company has partnered with Terrier Claims Services to employ a Labor Law program in the New York Metro area. This program has become a model for how New York claims are managed and ensures Turner’s clients have the best protection available. With Terrier’s rapid response to Turner’s standards, we can promptly react to all incidents. Additionally, Terrier’s detailed investigations ensure Turner can quickly provide active caring directly to injured workers and any others who have been impacted. Turner’s partnership with Terrier Claims Services supports innovation and rapid response to issues and brings the best practices to clients and partners.

    Kevin King / Vice President and General Manager – Risk Management Turner Construction Company / August 2021
  • Thank you so much. I can not thank you both enough for your quick response to this very short notice request. Terrier has always been a great asset to me in my claim handling and you continue to prove this by always being there when we need your assistance. I appreciate you both, it’s a pleasure working with Terrier.

    Claims Specialist / Insurance Company / May 2021
  • This email is long overdue, I should have sent it long ago.  I cannot tell you how much I and the entire team appreciates the work of your investigator.  He is a credit to Terrier Investigations.  When we need him he is there, and he is always ready to help us.  Your investigator is always there to guide us.  I do not know how he gets to the sites as quickly as he does but he does.  He is close to the workers, the CMs, Onsite, and our team.  We all trust his work and advice.  I could go on and on, and I will if you want to discuss it further, but he really is such a valuable asset to our program.  I wish I could clone him and have him at our other site also!   I admire Terrier and all you do, but would be amiss if I did not point out the important role this investigator has played to date.

    Principal - January 2019

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